The Royal Hospitality, Gurgaon - Hotel Management Services

We at Royal Hospitality, Gurgaon, believe in the individual character and unique customer experience of the independent hotel. With an online market place driven by reputation and guest reviews these days, the success of a hotel depends upon cutting-edge global exposure and targeted market reach. Over the years, team at Royal Hospitality developed a holistic understanding of the hospitality industry - what makes a successful hotel, the changing consumer preferences, international trends, issues pertaining to specific segments such as business and leisure, domestic and international. We have also forged strong relationships with the travel trade, which is critical to the success of any hotel brand.

With creative strategies and proven best practices, we turn around hotel properties. We challenge the status-quo, re-position hotels to outperform their competition and become leaders in their local market.

Royal Hospitality Works in 2 Modules

  • Management Operational contract
  • Exclusive Sales and Marketing Tie Up

The Royal Hospitality Gurgaon Best Travel Agency In Gurgaon Marketting

On Management Operational contract

We work on revenue sharing based model with One Time Brand/Set Up Fees and Management Fee on revenue/month

  • Reworking/Designing on the Hotel or Resort Interior to come at par with Brand Standards & Specifications.
  • Reworking on the Strategies in order to generate the market awareness of the hotel.
  • Hotel Business Development
  • Hotel Revenue Management
  • Commercial Strategies
  • E-Commerce
  • Online and Offline Distribution
  • Tour Operator & Wholesaler Contracting
  • Sales & Marketing Setup & Support
  • Marketing set up, staffing at our Delhi and other regional offices.
  • Supervision and administration of the various functions listed above up to the opening of the Hotel.
  • Transportation of our staff to your hotel till we manage.
  • We would work towards completing the set-up within a span of Three Months, thereafter positioning the Hotel for Business.

On Exclusive Sales and Marketing Tie Up

We work on revenue sharing or fixed retainer ship based model with no setup fees.

  • Identifying present and future direct competition, market trends, visitation trends and major sources of business.
  • Marketing and Sales Action Plan includes pricing policy, tariff structures, proposed advertising campaigns, market segment break-downs and the relevant sensitivity analyses.
  • Budgeting - 12 month itemised marketing and sales budget and action plan leading up to, including and after the opening of the hotel identifies strategies to promote and sell the facilities and services.
  • Complete Revenue Management and E commerce Services.
  • Complete Sales & Marketing Support from all relevant market segments and sources.